[θæŋks] interjection informal I
1) used for telling someone that you are grateful for something that they have said or done
‘You're looking well.' ‘Thanks.'[/ex]
Thanks for dinner – it was great.[/ex]
Thanks for reminding me.[/ex]
2) used for politely accepting something that is offered to you
‘Do you want a chocolate?' ‘Thanks, I'd love one.'[/ex]
no, thanks — used for politely refusing something that is offered to you[/ex]
'Can I get you a drink?' 'No, thanks.'[/ex]
noun [plural]
thanks */*/*/[θæŋks]
things that you say or do in order to tell someone that you are grateful to them
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your concern and generosity.[/ex]
thanks to — because of someone or something[/ex]
Thanks to this treatment, her condition has improved.[/ex]
The railway system is in chaos, thanks to the government's incompetence.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.